Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Sunday Walk

        In Accra Sunday is a day of rest. There are very few people on the streets and almost no business, street or otherwise, is open. That's means that the traffic is also light. You can actually walk around the neighborhood. We live in what really is a rather exclusive neighborhood. There are lots of new apartment buildings going up and yet there is a lot that have been abandoned. We even have some of the Embassies around us and a rather nice hotel.
        After a week things are beginning to take shape. The people we have met are very happy to help us with anything. We enjoy our work and the chance that we have to give back. We have much to learn from these people, especially where faith and testimony are concerned. We are settling in and only looking forward.

A local store around the corner.

Office building next to our apartment.

Barry thought this might be the entrance to the Adams' Family Estate.


I had the best croissant here the other day.

Entrance to the Danish Embassy.

In front of the Alisa Hotel

Closed shops on a good road.
A more typical road and fence.
Potholes. This is what Barry dodges every day every where.

Another nice one next to another abandoned project.

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