Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thoughts on "Taking Flight"

       Last night we found ourselves with Larry and Janet at a BYU Homecoming Spectacular called Take Flight. We are not BYU graduates, David, Kristen and Cinda are, but this was a wonderful production. This is the 50th Anniversary of the Harris Fine Arts Center on the BYU campus. The homecoming Grand Marshall this year is the artist James C. Christensen. If you have been in our home you have noticed that we have several of his paintings on our walls. It is not hard to see that he may be our favorite artist. He participated in the production with his hunchbacked alter-ego, Everyman.
        Christensen explains that, "This character allows us to see ourselves manifest through him. In these images the hunchback's hump is stylized as a physical symbol of the burden all humans bear. It is a reminder that, while every person has weaknesses, it can be through those flaws that the Spirit both touches and teaches."
        President Hinkley taught that the Lord wants me and you to be successful. It is with that knowledge we "take flight". We go into the unknown with what strengths we may have and knowing that the Lord can make up the difference if we are faithful. We go with  May the Lord bless all of you to be successful in whatever your pursuits may be while we are away.


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