Sunday, October 5, 2014

Days of Joy and Sadness

        Barry's sister Julie came from Dallas to be with us this last week-end in Arizona. Along with Jim and Beth Ann we enjoyed a movie and a couple of dinners out. Friends and family are the glue that binds us all. 
        In August we went to see our family that could not be with us at this time. We traveled to see Kim and her family in the Seattle area and enjoyed them and the beauty that is in their area. Then it was on to see my brother Ted and his wife, Carolyn, that were living in Kenai, Alaska, for six months. Alaska took our breath away. Then it was on to David's and his family outside of Sacramento. We enjoyed being there as always and ended with the beauty that is Lake Tahoe. Then it was on to Dallas to see Kristen and her brood with a quick Sunday run to Houston to Julie's daughter's first baby blessing. It was a busy month but oh the joy we felt.
        Sunday, the 28th, dawned bright and clear and we prepared those fearful farewell talks. The talks went well and at the end of the meeting it was announced that the Tempe 10th, Awatukee 1st, and Kyrene Wards would be combined into two. We gave the last two Sacrement Meeting talks in the Tempe 10th Ward. An unreal experience. Barry, Mike and Ed were released as we all were and the Tempe 10th Ward was no more. Barry arrived before David, Steven, and I came from New Jersey on the 2nd Sunday that the ward was organized forty-one years ago. It was sad but there is joy in knowing that the ward will grow in new and different ways. We will return to the Tempe Rural Ward.
 The Williams, friends for over 40 yrs

Carol Knollmiller, friend and former neighbor
       Sunday evening, Sharon, Sue and Heidi feted us to a most lovely evening of friends and pie. How gracious so many were to come and wish us well. You all will be missed.
Sue, Sharon, Heidi

Diana & Jean


Bonnie and Ann
Sharon, Alice, and Lois
        I wish we had gotten pictures of everyone. What a joyful evening,
Bryan & Kym

Steven and Shauna

Barry's sister Julie
        Monday morning early brought a call from the Bishop to relay some of the saddest news, news that has put a cloud over our week. Though our testimonies are strong and our joy is full because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we enjoy, our hearts ache because of the sadness that has come to the Bennett family because of the instant passing of our beloved former Bishop and dear friend Kim Bennett. We treasure the fact that he joined us at Sharon's on Sunday night and departed us all with hugs and an infectious smile. He will be missed but he has a great work to do and will prepare for many to join him again.
       Tuesday brought a wonderful last lunch with my tap dance group. My feet and my heart will
miss the fun that I have had since learning to tap.
What kind of African tap dancers do you think I'll find?
       Wednesday night we were invited to share a wonderful dinner with Barry's Roadster Pilot buddies. Mike and Bev Pyle hosted in Mike's garage, always the perfect venue. These men and their wives have become dear friends that we care a lot about. Thanks, Lloyd, for babysitting our hot rod. It will be in the best of care.

Lloyd, Marsha, Barry, Bev, Mike
       So Friday arrived and there was no turning back. We are humbled and excited to be off to do the Lord's work. We are hoping that the people of Ghana will benefit from the service we hope to render to these people.
        But we have one more stop before the MTC, Salt Lake City. General Conference week-end in SLC. Our friends, Larry and Janet Peterson, graciously hosted us this Spring when they were serving their mission in NYC and are now back in Salt Lake. They will pick us up.
First stop; Ruby's Cookies

  We had a nice drive through the Utah mountains and ended up in Wanship. My mother, Theo Rasmussen, was born in this small town near Park City. She was born 100 years ago this month to my wonderful grandparents, buried here in this small city cemetery.   .


         Saturday gave us this wonderful opportunity to go to Temple Square to hear a session of General Conference. We sat in the historical Tabernacle, a building unmatched in pioneer history. As we have marveled at all that was said from our General Authorities we are so grateful to be a part of this great work. We have cause to rejoice that we have been so blessed.

       Larry and Janet will drop us at the MTC tomorrow. Thanks for the wonderful weekend.
Larry and Janet, friends since we met in Aspen Grove 37 years ago

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