Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday is a Special Day

Side Yard
         We ventured out today with the Crisps to get some shopping done. We have subsisted on mostly peanut butter and jelly, one Thai dinner, and a "pepperoni" pizza and ice cream last night. Here are some highlights from our day.

There is always a band, especially on Sundays by our apartment

Lots of furniture sellers by the sides of the roads

Lots of hand woven accents

All kinds of yard art

Don't know what they are but a great use of pallets. Should I post on Pinterest?

Sellers stopping to chat. No woman has bad posture. Everyone carries everything this way.

Water sellers are everywhere. The bottles maybe ok but the pouches are usually only tap water. There have been over 15,000 cases and 126 deaths from Cholera, many in Accra since May of this year.

I was surprised to this Halloween display. You can guess that they must cater to us obruni.

Vegetable & Fruit Stand

Beautiful lady preparing vegetables for the market stand.

My purchase soaking in Clorox water.

How about this? A new washer just for us.

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  1. Definitely looks like you're in a foreign country! Gotta love a new washing machine and the band playing outside your home is the same here as it is once again MDN band season. Glad you made it in one piece(2)s. Loving the pictures.