Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Sunday Walk

        In Accra Sunday is a day of rest. There are very few people on the streets and almost no business, street or otherwise, is open. That's means that the traffic is also light. You can actually walk around the neighborhood. We live in what really is a rather exclusive neighborhood. There are lots of new apartment buildings going up and yet there is a lot that have been abandoned. We even have some of the Embassies around us and a rather nice hotel.
        After a week things are beginning to take shape. The people we have met are very happy to help us with anything. We enjoy our work and the chance that we have to give back. We have much to learn from these people, especially where faith and testimony are concerned. We are settling in and only looking forward.

A local store around the corner.

Office building next to our apartment.

Barry thought this might be the entrance to the Adams' Family Estate.


I had the best croissant here the other day.

Entrance to the Danish Embassy.

In front of the Alisa Hotel

Closed shops on a good road.
A more typical road and fence.
Potholes. This is what Barry dodges every day every where.

Another nice one next to another abandoned project.

Saturday is a Special Day

Side Yard
         We ventured out today with the Crisps to get some shopping done. We have subsisted on mostly peanut butter and jelly, one Thai dinner, and a "pepperoni" pizza and ice cream last night. Here are some highlights from our day.

There is always a band, especially on Sundays by our apartment

Lots of furniture sellers by the sides of the roads

Lots of hand woven accents

All kinds of yard art

Don't know what they are but a great use of pallets. Should I post on Pinterest?

Sellers stopping to chat. No woman has bad posture. Everyone carries everything this way.

Water sellers are everywhere. The bottles maybe ok but the pouches are usually only tap water. There have been over 15,000 cases and 126 deaths from Cholera, many in Accra since May of this year.

I was surprised to this Halloween display. You can guess that they must cater to us obruni.

Vegetable & Fruit Stand

Beautiful lady preparing vegetables for the market stand.

My purchase soaking in Clorox water.

How about this? A new washer just for us.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Not Kansas, Toto

It's Not Kansas, Toto      

        From Salt Lake to Dallas, from Dallas to London and London to Accra the flights were long but without challenges. So fun to see Kristen, Alexis, Logan and Slade. They brought pizza, homemade cookies and Kristen brought peanut M & M’s for her dad, then on to London’s Heathrow Airport. Even with three hours of layover we did not get to do anything except walk from one end to another through lines and security. Next stop Accra.
        We arrived in Accra at 8P.M. and had to descend the stairs out of our 747 British Airways plane, no easy feat carrying a bag in each hand. We were out of customs, including our infrared Ebola screening, in a mere two hours. Elder and Sister Crisp, from Mesa, picked us up. They are the Mission Office couple.
        Outside the airport were accosted by “helpers” who take over, helping you to your car with your suitcases. They are seeking payment. I was afraid that I might lose one of our suitcases. Elder Crisp paid them off with a couple of Books of Mormon and Sister Crisp gave them a couple of cedes. There are, currently, about 3 cedes to the dollar.

       We arrived at our apartment, a fourplex, behind a wall, topped with barbwire and a double drive through gate. We have only one 24/7 guardian of the gate, a Muslim man named Bubba. Yes, he has one of the carport spaces, two plastic chairs a small table with a radio on it.
        Some things were ready in our apartment and the Crisps had bought us some milk, bread and cereal to go with the peanut butter and jam that I brought from home. We were, however, greeted with a typical power outage and when there is no electricity there is also no water. We had a couple of bottles of water and a bed. Around midnight the power came on in the complex and we could turn on the fan and air conditioner. We have two, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. Around 3A.M. it was gone again. MELTING.
        Sunday morning we called the Crisp’s and found out, surprisingly, that their power was still on. When they left for church we hurried to their apartment with our four washcloths, we have no towels, to use their shower. We brought a blow dryer and curling iron, but that late at night and without electricity we hadn’t unpacked so we didn’t know where the converters were but we patched ourselves together and were ready when President and Sister Heid picked us up.
        We drove out of town about two hours to an Adenta Ward. We drove on the George Bush Memorial Motorway and on to many red dirt roads and over many potholes that could swallow many tires. The church buildings are fenced and are SUCH a contrast to the neighborhood. They are very simple but a place of beauty in this very different land.
        The members were nicely dressed and we thoroughly enjoyed the Primary Sacrament Program; happy children, raising their hands, answering question, their parts memorized and singing joyously. What a marvelous spirit these young people bring. On the way home we had a chance to see the Temple and a little of the area around.

        Back at the ranch, still no power, so we sat at the Crisp’s until around four when we left with them to enjoy a delightful dinner at the Heid’s. It turned out to be Pres. Heid’s birthday so that was a special treat. There at the Mission home we learned that the reason we had no electricity was that the APs had not gotten around to paying the bill. Guess they didn’t think to do it until too late on Saturday.  Ahh, the youth.
         You can imagine how warm our apt was by now, Arizona plus humidity. We know those sad nights with no air and no fans.
        Monday morning took us back to the Crisp’s. By now we were barely patched together. No false first impressions we. But we made it to our first meeting in the morning by 8 A.M.
Living Room

Dining Room

Bed (only) Room

Lovely Bath

Dream (Nightmare?) Shower