Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Mission
       We are excited at this time in our lives to be able to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints. For those of you who are dear friends and may wonder why we would want to leave home and family and do this I will try to explain. 
       We know that we have been richly blessed throughout our lives here on this earth. We know that these blessings come from a loving Heavenly Father who is God the Eternal Father. We are in very good health and have been blessed to have enough financial resources at this time to do this. We want to give back through service.
        In no way do we wish to minimize how, in many ways, it has been difficult to get ready to take this journey. However, we believe we have enough faith that God will strengthen us to rise above our failings and because of that we can be of service.
        These 40 senior couples and four single sisters will embark on missions all over the world to give service in a multitude of capacities. Each one of us goes with a prayer on our lips and a desire in our hearts to serve the people we will work with where ever the Lord has called us to serve.

P.S. The Sister next to me on my right asked Barry what his profession had been and he told her he had been an entrepreneur. When he asked her why she said that she thought he was probably a funeral director. We got a good laugh out of that. Guess he his much too stuffy.

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  1. "I wasn't made to sink back in the shadows when life gets hard. I wasn't created to quit and retreat when things aren't going exactly my way, and I am not alive to merely waste what God has given me. I was born to shine. And so are you."
    Ashley LeMieux. All my faith in what you are doing.
    Love, Sue