Saturday, November 1, 2014

Getting  Accustomed

        We are still trying to learn our specific duties here in Ghana. Our mission call was for PEF, the Perpetual Education Fund, the program has now been changed and our call is as Self-Reliance Service missionaries, at least that is what our tags say. We also appear to need to work with helping business get more profitable with an African mentoring group and today we met with other senior missionaries that are on the ground floor in setting up a literacy program that will eventually go throughout Africa and then maybe on to other parts of the world. Right now we have the potential to wear many hats. We have yet to know which one will be primary and how many more we can juggle. Time will give us more incites I am sure. As we try to help these brothers and sisters we see many needs but we know that we can only help in so many ways and be effective. However, maybe it's all a good start. We certainly can see that it is all needed and of great value.

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