Thursday, November 19, 2015

News from Ghana


      We all know how it is when we get behind on a project. It seems extra hard to get back at it. That is what has happened with my writings for our blog about our journey in Ghana. Sometimes we have been too busy so I have been too tired to respond to situations. Sometimes I have felt more like the accidental tourist and have felt that I should be accomplishing something wonderful before I wrote. In the end as happens nothing gets done so I am starting again and letting you know about our experiences.

       I want today to introduce you to Emelia Amoah. Emelia has been my piano student since February. Emelia graduated from the University of Ghana last June with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Last Saturday was her commencement. Graduates of two and four year schools must give a year of National Service in a private company or government agency. Rarely is the service in a field related to your education. Students are assigned by the government as to where they will serve. Emelia is working at the National Standards Board.

        Emelia has been a real highlight in my visit to Ghana. She is a delight as a person and such a hard worker. She always worked to support herself as she went to the University. This is a custom that we have at home but is not the norm here. She had jobs at the police hospital, a nursery school and at a private clinic among other things. She is a go getter and a straight A student and I treasure her as a friend and hope for the very best for her always. 


  1. How fantastic! congratulations Emelia!!! (((BIG HUG!!!))) SO proud of you!!! :)

  2. She sounds like an amazing person. It's the "Emelias" we meet on our missions, that make them so special.

  3. Congratulations on all she had accomplished! Love to both of you.

  4. Wonderful congratulations Emelia ! Job well done Sister Wade!