Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Six Thousand

People Doing Wonderful Things

         We had the opportunity to assist with the set up and functioning of a humanitarian project recently. Three optometrists from Utah came to give vision screenings for three days, two half days and two full days. This functioned because of many hands and many hours. There were hours of preparation and set up before the actual start and many hours of coordination during and after.

          From Monday noon until Thursday noon approximately 1300 people were seen by a doctor and about 1000 pairs of glasses were distributed. People were showing up on the Temple grounds as early as four in the morning in hopes of getting a chance to see the doctors. Unfortunately almost the same number of people had to be turned away as those that got a spot. Those that did finally get to see the doctors had to have the patience of Job as they waited. There were just not enough hours. These doctors have been to other places in the world and said that this was the first time they have ever had to turn people away. Approximately 6000 pairs of glasses were sent to Ghana through missionaries and travelers coming here. They had been collected through Eagle projects and other such activities.

        It was estimated that the full time missionaries gave about 525 hours of service, senior missionaries 370 hours, other volunteers about 60 hours for a total of about 955 hours. After the initial 1000 pairs of glasses that were distributed, 500 were given to other West African missions and the rest were donated to a group here in Ghana called Unite for Sight. They have clinics that meet on various days on a rotating basis all over Ghana. It is to their clinic that we have been going with one of our members for the last six months. They were so excited to receive those glasses and we know that they will be put to good use.

Early morning registration with Sister Terry, Elder Smith and Sister Baker.

Upstairs to wait in the chapel.

Trotros arrived bringing many people hoping to see the doctors.

Barry talking to President Azuma.

Our blind friend Wakiki (left in the white shirt).

Sometimes it was controlled chaos.

Beautiful days with the Temple always in the background.

This lovely little Sister was our St. Peter at the gate.

School will be more fun with glasses to help.

To help pass the time these four Elders sang.

People of patience once they were in the chapel.

Little one. This was way too long.

The end of one long day. 

Packing up the glasses that were no used.

Almost ready to give away.

Unite for Sight

Joseph was so appreciative.

Packing it in.

Packed to the roof.


  1. How wonderful!!! SO grateful for the that service to those who need it so desperately!

  2. Just makes me feel good to see so much being done to help those who need it. Looks like it was a long full day!

  3. Just makes me feel good to see so much being done to help those who need it. Looks like it was a long full day!