Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In the Beginning

23 September

         If we came from monkeys then this birthday boy came from one of these cute, friendly and colorful ones. Never, I assume, did he think that he would ever spend a birthday in Accra, Ghana, in West Africa. What an adventure it is. It's the twists and turns that make life interesting. I want to thank Barry for the love and the time he has invested in me, David, Steven, Kristen, Bryan, and Kimberly and now their families. Without him there would not be us. It is that simple.      

         Our first date was to go water skiing. He was marvelous, I was a joke. The best I could do was to sit on the skis. I could not figure out how to tell my legs to push themselves up. What was he thinking? Why would he ever ask me out again? But he did and went on to teach me and with patience beyond measure everyone else whoever came in the boat. We are all still proud of him.

        When David and Steven were born I read and article that said that fathers should be the ones to read to their children starting at six months. So at six months that became the routine. Through children and grandchildren that has been what Barry does. We bought a Kente Festival book and then I found him reading to the villagers and showing them the pictures in the book of their own people. It was a thrill for them. Reading is not the norm. He hated to stop. He is our Pied Piper of reading. 
        He is also the official stroller pusher. Beginning with David and Steven I could push until Dad was there. Then it was hands off. When the grandkids were in the stroller it was automatic who pushed.

        Thank heavens he was also the homework helper. Now here in Ghana he is in approximately the same role. This is Jonathan. His print shop is at Last Stop in Kwabenya. Barry is helping him with his business plan so that he can present it to an institution that might give him a loan so he can 
expand his business.

        We have met many wonderful Elders serving the Lord here in Ghana. This is Elder Sadare who returned a month ago to Nigeria. Barry does a great job showing them the love that he has for them and their service. It is a great chance to have close relationships with new sons and daughters.

       Then there is me. I am proud to be here with a man that was willing to invest in me and us.  I cannot even understand how I could be so blessed. Somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good. For here you are loving me.... Thank you so very much. I love you with all my heart. We all do.

         Obviously, you are not old yet. No one here in Ghana seems the least bit frightened when we drive down the streets. You have many years left. We have been blessed and protected. Let's continue this journey, all of us together. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Best post EVER!!! Thank you for sharing that part of him. I loved you both before but now I love you even more! I keep you in my prayers, as always. Yes, I am crying. Shock. Love you! (((BIG HUG!!!)))--Heidi