Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Latta-day Saints"

International Diabetes Day

        There is no end to the humanitarian work that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is engaged in around the world. Here in Ghana it is no exception. Sometimes referred to as welfare services or LDS charities or any other number of titles, including Helping Hands, it is all an effort to help those in need. I have made mention before about the wheel chairs that are donated to the government free of charge and then the government distributes them. We have helped people that have severe disabilities find access to these chairs. Our welfare department was in charge of getting the eyeglasses' project up and running.

        Our calling is Self-Reliance Services so we feel that is an umbrella for everything so no matter what we are asked to do we think it is just an extension of our calling in self-reliance. Last week we were asked to represent our Area President, President Curtis, at the Ghana kick off for 2015 for International Diabetes Day. Naturally we were happy to accept. We traveled two hours north to Koforidua for the ceremonies. We met some of the government ministers of the Eastern Region and the Diabetes Association presidency and doctors and nurses that were in attendance and the Health Minister for Ghana representing President Mahama. Barry got to give a brief address representing the Church. Everyone that spoke gave nothing but compliments to the "Latta-day Saints". (Rs are hard to pronounce here.) It was wonderful to be invited guests.

        What the Church has been doing here in Ghana is to provide funding and the test kits for the testing of high school students for diabetes. It is felt that this is a good section of the people because they are getting educated and will spread this knowledge to others as they grow further into adulthood. So far the high schools in the Central Region have been done and efforts are on going to finish the greater Accra area and then on to the rest of the country. It is no small undertaking.

No African activity begins without the traditional drums and dancers.

Barry representing President Curtis and being called the Area President
Dr. Martin Engmann of the Office of the President launching the official year.
With Dr. Engmann outside the Eastern Region Official Residence. 

Vivian Adokpa, RN and Dr. Samuel Akamah from Akosombo VRA Hospital

These young people have diabetes and represent the youth that are the focus of the diabetes testing.
Abigail Baaba Boison and Asanate Bamfo Richmond
        As a side note we have not been invited yet to the "Veterinarian's Convention on safe-feeding of animals". We had a very lovely luncheon inside the official residence and at the end the nurse that was sitting next to me ask for the left over fish bones and chicken bones to take home to her dog. I mentioned that I didn't think that those bones were good for dogs but she assured me that they were. We have learned so much here. 

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  1. I love that every get together starts with drums and dancing! What an adventure!