Saturday, September 12, 2015

Birthday Time

To Bryan

        The year is winding down and fall is upon us, at least somewhere in the world. As this day winds to a close in Africa Bryan's mom and dad send the very best of birthday greetings to number three son. Bryan is now as old as Jack Benny. He may have to look up that relationship. Bryan hasthe good humor and bright smile of a good comedian. I know, I know, that wasn't Jack Benny's persona but it is Bryan's. Bryan usually sees more good in people than they see in themselves and is more forgiving than so many. These are credits that set him apart. Even though most see him dancing to the beat of his own drum we think it is what makes him unique. Sometimes it's hard to see that.

        He was born in 1976, America's Bicentenial. We wanted to name him after his two grandfathers. He could have been Benjamin Franklin Wade but that irony in the Bicentenial year seemed a little too much. So Bryan Christopher was chosen instead. I think maybe that patriotism rubbed off a little. Both of his grandfathers would have been proud of his ROTC experience and his love of scouting. He even achieved the Order of the Arrow after his Eagle and still loves the program and has had scout leader responsibilities.

        He served his church mission in San Paulo, Brazil, loving the people and the Portuguese language. Like his dad with his German if Bry hears Portuguese his ears perk up and colored lights start flashing.

        He loves games and Batman and Kymberlee, maybe she wonders who is first, and Jayden, Tanner and Ethan. Bryan loves life. There is no doubt about that. Happy, happy birthday. We love you so much.

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