Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Volta River

The Volta Region

         The Volta River is primarily in Ghana. It is 994 miles long and has three main tributaries; the Black, White and Red. It drains into the Atlantic Ocean at the Gulf of Guinea. Volta is the Portuguese word for twist or turn. This was the farthest point where Portuguese gold traders would go. Lake Volta is the largest reservoir in the world, extending some 250 miles to the north. It may just recently have  been eclipsed by the reservoir that was formed in China when the new dam was built there.  It is crossed by the Adome Bridge but the bridge is currently out and being repaired and is expected to take another two years to be finished.  

        When we drove to Ho we were able to cross the dam that backs up the river to the south and forms the southern boundary of the lake.  You are not supposed to take any pictures of anything that the Ghanaian government controls. We did take some through the bobbed wire. When we left Ho we went out the other side of the lake on a car ferry. No pictures  there either.

        After crossing on the ferry we drove to the Royal Senchi Resort and took a boat ride on the Volta River. We drove to see the ferry we had travel across on then we drove north to the Adome Bridge that you can’t cross and saw the sights in between. This is a world class resort on the river. Some very nice homes, beach front property but the signs at the hotel tell you not to swim in the river. Next to the hotel is a “water park”. Also along the river you see tilapia farms, small villages with their fishing boats tied up along side the banks and several kinds of birds because there is a bird sanctuary on an island in the middle of the river. There were some black ones with wonderful red wings.  Something worth seeing but flying much to quickly to take a picture.

        After our river excursion we had a wonderful buffet at the hotel. Expensive for sure for Ghana at about $25.00.  We get some very good meals for $12-$15.


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  1. You are doing such a great job with your Blog entries. I am enjoying your mission right along with you. How incredible the falls must have been and your Volta Region really seems like a rain forest. I think my slim knowledge of Africa had me believing it was all desert. You have added to my education! The restaurant hotel looked pretty swanky, and really delicious. Thanks for sharing your adventure in Service. Sue Bentz