Friday, March 18, 2016

Heads and Feet

Tip to Toe

        One of my favorite things about the people of Ghana is their head wraps and their shoes. The shoes are usually some form of a flip flop that they call slippers. They can be the very simplest rubber style, maybe even worn with socks by women or men. They maybe leather, usually hand made by local shoemakers, beaded or plain. and of course they are also what seem to be millions of imitation leather, aka plastic ones from China. Despite the rough terrain that everyone must walk in you will see many women in high heels both in Ghana fabric prints and Western styles.

        For me there is such beauty in how the women wrap their heads in scarves either contrasting or in fabrics that match their outfits. I have seen them, without a mirror, just twist and twirl and a thing of beauty is born. 

        Below are some examples:

               For the very height of fashion they are called Duku Crowns. These are pictures of Printex Fabrics Spring 2016 ad campaign that we see on bill boards. The models are gorgeous but appear to be having trouble holding their heads up. Ha! Ha! I am pretty sure that I would and they are just not that attractive on us obrunis.

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