Friday, March 18, 2016

By the Sea, By the Sea

Cape Coast, Ghana

        Cape Coast is clearly defined as the tourist area of Ghana and a must see. This was our second visit there. It has some wonderful beaches and the castles of Cape Coast and Elmina in the town called Elmina. The towns are 15 km apart.

        Cape Coast is the first capital of Britain's Gold Coast colony and the modern capital of Ghana's Central Region. Probably founded in the early 15th century, its English name is most likely a derivation of Cabo Corso - Short Cape - the name given to it by Portuguese sea captains in 1471.  Cape Coast was originally founded as a market town and a fishing village.

        The village changed hands several times in the 17th century. Abandoned by the Portuguese it was occupied by the Swedes in 1652, six years later by the Danes, who signed a treaty with the paramount chief, allowing them to build a larger fort nearby at Amanful. The new fort fell briefly to the Dutch before being taken over by the British following the Anglo-Dutch War of 1664-1665. Cape coast would continue to grow into the largest and most important trading port along the coast. The paramount chief of Efutu moved his capital from the island village of Efutu to what is now Victoria Park.

        The following pictures show the area by the sea. Fishing boats and colorful nets and an industrious people still doing somethings as they have been done for centuries. The fishing boats are out in the early morning and again after dark lining up along the coast with a solitary light illuminating until morning.

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