Sunday, January 17, 2016

Morning in the Savanna

17 December 2014

        As we continue our look back we are in Mole, day two. An early breakfast and we met up with Robert for another walk back into the Savanna in search of elephants. This would be our last chance if we were to see them. We were to be rewarded.
Robert found a recently killed warthog.

Every so often a bloom.

"Really, you again?"

Different vegetation.

A buzzard.

"You coming?"

You could see the wheels turning inside that head.
Mission Success

The back.

An Ear.

A trunk. We were so amazingly close.

By the watering hole, mother and baby.

        As we hiked back up to the top of the hill we saw in the largest watering hole mother and baby taking their morning swim.

        We were all so pleased that with Robert's navigation and with luck on our side we had this wonderful once in a lifetime experience. We have walked were African elephants walk. 

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  1. You went on a walking safari!! WOW! So glad you finally saw the mom and babe elephants! What an adventure!!