Sunday, January 3, 2016

Looking Back, Looking Forward

 Into the New Year 2016
One of our Accragio concerts was at the American Embassy.
An Open House at the Mission Home brought out Elder and Sister Webster.

This toy lady has gifts from Mr. Claus himself.

Sister Hill and Sister Sanders entertained at our Christmas Eve gathering. Dr. Hill and Sister Graham looking on.

Our afternoon Christmas Concert included Sister Curtis, Mary Richards with her daughters Emily, Caroline and Jenna visiting from Utah, playing violin, harp and piano.

Singing Carols with Emily on violin.

President and Sister Assard from Cote d'Voire are serving in the Temple. Barry loves to use his German with them as Sister Assard is German born.

Barry having his turn to choose from the gift table. We so enjoyed getting together at President and Sister Graham's home.

Christmas Day
After a brunch at President Hill's home we went to the MTC for games with the missionaries and a Christmas Dinner. Here some missionaries are teaching us another way to play Owaree. It's not the same as we usually play.

The Clarks introducing Yatzee

Sisters Hill, Sanders, and Webster teaching Sister N'goran from Cote d'Voire.

Spending the holidays at the MTC 

Sister Peprah and her companion Sister Bambi
Boxing Day
A party at the home of the Charge d'Affairs of the American Embassy
That is the title of the Deputy Ambassador

Melinda Tabler-Stone is the Charge d'Affair and also a Thunderbird Graduate, class of '80. A fellow Alumni with Barry.


Wonderful food, including a Butterball turkey and cranberry sauce. Most of it prepared by Melinda, candles and china. Lovely!
More games and conversation

Sunday after Christmas
Elder Helm doing the tie tying honors. Missionaries are very adept at this.
More of Cameron's Legos for the Primary children.

I made pillow cases for all the Young Women.

        We look back at what a wonderful and fun-filled Christmas Season this has been. We celebrated our Savior's birth for the second time in Ghana. We were able to add more music to this season and that was wonderful, something that I have really missed. We realize that the life of the Savior and His example are more meaningful to us each year. We treasure the family and friends that we have at home and the new ones we have made here in Ghana. This has been an incredible experience. 

        We came out of the Grahams home after our Christmas Eve gathering and on to the Temple grounds to this spectacular view. Though a week premature at that time I see some symbolism here. In Ghana the big celebration is not Christmas but New Years' Eve when we cross over into the New Year and remember the good and the not so good of the year past and move into a clean and fresh new year. It is a time to look forward and pray that we will be together again at this time next year.

        The Temple even in the darkness is a beacon of light. The Temple binds us together not just for the year to come but for the eternities to come. May we all find that beacon of light that will guide us through the year 2016 so that "through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow. Hang a shinning star...." May we all shine forth, being better, more loving, kinder and happier than we ever thought we could be in this year 2016. Make it a good one. Love to you all, Kathryn and Barry

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