Sunday, March 1, 2015

On the Road Again

 Some of What We See
Hope You Enjoy It

Taxis aren't just for people.

They finally moved it before it got to be a permanent fixture in the new road.

You think more tie downs maybe?

There are two on the wood.

Goats to Market.

Guess which one is "not you".

He has a bag over his head.

Often it is what we don't see.
It's been a long drive.

On the left side was one wooden poll holding up this truck.

Baskets like this carry animals, even fish to market.

He wasn't climbing on, he was riding this way.

All to typical

We see glass carried this way all the time. Steady!

No lifts to get things on the top of trotros. It is all manpower.

Height never seems to be a problem.

More often than not we follow "carbon emissions".

One of my favorites, Pirate and baseball bats. Go figure.

Way to common and it never seems to be a problem. Will remove it when it is convenient.

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