Monday, March 9, 2015

Ghana Independence Day

Black Star Square

        We ventured forth with some of the missionary couples to the celebration of Ghana Independence day, March 6th. Fifty-eight years since Ghana got its independence from Great Britain. Much has happened to the country in that 58 years and most of it, according to the locals, is not for the better. Jerry John Rawlings "liberated" the country in a military coup in the 70's and his protege, John Mahama is in charge until 2016.



         This kind of a display is foreign to our usual celebrations. We all felt like we were witnessing the Chinese or the Russians. The marching is that straight leg, straight arm movement that we associate with those countries. So foreign to see young children in school uniforms marching like they were part of the military and then having to stand in the Ghana sun for over an hour at parade rest. Some of those young people had to be carried off on stretchers. The heat was brutal, even though you will see clouds.

If you don't close the tail gate then one of the official photographers falls out. So much for that photo op.

Mahama drove through and inspected the children.

Lighting the Eternal Flame

        You have seen the strength of the country and the color of the Central Region. We didn't need to go to Mardi Gras. The stilt walkers were amazing, not only dancing on their stilts but bending down and doing squats and all kinds of things. The first time I saw one bend I thought that he was falling. What control and what strength in their thighs. It was fun.

        Below some of the crowd and my favorites are always the vendors and you'll see the entrance of some of the regional royalty entering with drums, an umbrella over the king or queen and even bringing in the royal chair.

        Let's finish off with the band. Loved the drum major but the band's footwork needed a little work, actually all the groups could have benefited from some practice in that area but it was a good day to celebrate with our 100,000 "closest" friends. How often in life does one get these opportunities?

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  1. I love that I got to see it without being in that heat. Thanks for sharing :) Hugs to you both!!!