Friday, December 18, 2015


Great Opportunity

         Today we accompanied the Peprah sisters, Ivy and Felicia, to the Ghana Accra Temple. They are members of our Suhum Branch. Ivy on the left will enter the MTC on Tuesday, December 22nd to begin serving her mission in the Ghana Kumasi Mission. Felicia just returned a week ago from the Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission. After eighteen months of separation they are so happy that they had a couple of weeks to be together before Ivy will be away for the next eighteen months. Their father and their younger sister joined the church in 2006 after the youngest sister went to a church meeting and reported back that she had really enjoyed it. Up til then they were hiding behind doors telling the missionaries that they were not home. Now they are such devoted servants. Felicia kept saying how happy she was to be there with her sister.

Elder and Sister Brown who serve as Missionaries in their district brought them from Suhum.
After the Temple we took them for their first ever pizza.

Ivy couldn't quite figure out how to tackle it and was kinda of embarrassed.
        What a joy it is to be able to provide these first experiences. Can you imagine a twenty something that had never been to restaurant and had never had pizza? Nowadays pizza, the crust anyways, is often one of our baby's first foods. We take so much for granted! We will miss these kinds of opportunities.

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