Sunday, August 16, 2015

Selective Service

All Africa Helping Hands

         Saturday, August 15, was designated as All Africa Helping Hands day, a day of service. I have to admit that when I first heard about it I thought that that meant for all Africans and I was truly  in awe that this could happen. However, it was all Church service day. The different areas, stakes or districts were to pick a service project that would benefit the community in which the members live. There was beach clean up, hospital grounds clean up, blood drives, market cleaning and gutter clean out. We chose to go with Elder and Sister Wilde to the town called Ashaiman, to the east about 45 minutes.
         Members and missionaries, Elders and Sisters, turned out to clean out the gutters along one of the major streets in the middle of town. This was about a mile stretch along the road. I had to admire the willingness with which the members and the young missionaries worked. I have learned to walk by, over and around these types of areas but I could not help with the actual clean out. We bought brooms and swept along the same areas. We have come to understand how really awful plastic bags are for the environment. They are everywhere buried in the sand and dirt that serve as walks and roads. There are no refuse containers where one could throw trash so it just goes on the ground and stays there. The sludge would be picked up in a container and disposed of but the black water was still there. One of the African members said that this clean out would last about two months and then it would be full again. That is so sad. So much of the attitude here could be changed.

At the Chapel, ready to go.

Walking into town. Barry in the red hat. Always ahead.

Standing in....

The Wildes, while we waited for a lady to go buy us brooms.

Rice, probably 10 types, yellow saffron rice from Nigeria.

Shoveling it into these metal bowls that are used to carry everything in Ghana.

We donated our brooms to the pile for another time.

This walkway is used for people and for taxi drop off.

One doesn't need to go to the circus to see balancing acts. They are all free here. 

"I lost my broom."


You are great examples of hard working missionaries.

Missionary bonding. Does it get any better than that?

Domestic Tourism. Someone needs a vacation. Where can we get the shirts? Loved it!
        To all those who could give of their time and their backs it was worth the effort. Service always helps, no matter how small.

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