Thursday, July 9, 2015

Joyous Day

Time to Celebrate

          Just a few short years ago Kristen came into our family. I remember that a friend said that she had never seen anyone think "so pink". I did want a girl so badly after two boys. Kristen has been a wonderful daughter. Now she is a wonderful mother. She is wife to Paul and mother to Alexis, Collin, Logan and Slade.

         Kristen was always such a happy kid. She would lay in her crib after being put in bed at night and just "talk" and make noises of happiness. I loved to just stand by her door and enjoy her sounds. I remember that when we tried to teach her to water ski when she was about seven she was smiling so much that she kept getting her mouth full of lake water. I remember Grandma Wade offering her money if she would stop laughing and get on with the skiing. She did of course finally learn to ski and now I am jealous of how she can do a 180 on the wake board and I can't figure it out.

        Kristen has wonderful hands. She just couldn't handle it if they were dirty. She loved to play in the dirt until she saw that her hands were dirty no matter what the rest of her looked like. Her hands have always done wonderful things. As a newborn she could grab anything that was put anywhere close to her. She played the piano and the violin well. In the last few years she has been using her hands to make jewelry, rhinestone hair clips and embellished headbands. Her hands have led her to open her own business called LexiKate Designs.

        Kristen, Dad and I are extremely proud of you and we love you very much. May you have a wonderful day and know that we will be thinking of you from so many miles away as if we were right next door. Take joy in all that you can do. We are blessed because you have been in our lives and are grateful that that is forever.

Love, Mom and Dad

Kristen's motto is Life Is Better with Sparkle. She adds that to all of our lives.



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