Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Birthday

Steven and David

        When I wash my hair today it will remind me of that day many years ago when I also got up and washed my hair. Now I blow dry it and use the curling iron as needed but back on that eventful day I actually put it up it curlers. The thought makes me cringe now. Those curlers stayed in my hair all through that day and into the next, falling out one at a time. I don't even remember where they ended up but I remember I looked a mess for the next week but I had two babies not one. That caused much rethinking. (Sorry there are no pictures of those beginnings on this computer.)
        All that aside, I want to send birthday greetings to my sons Steven and David. (I know this is sounding strange to many of you. Not falling off the tongue as usual.) I love you both very much no matter what order you are in. Steven has many times had to suffer the pain of being the second twin. I think he will be happy to know that there is a different tradition here in Ghana. It is said that the first twin is really the second. The first one born must come and ascertain that everything in this big world is okay for the real heir to come out. So with that new knowledge, because we won't be in Ghana next year on their birthdays, we will let Steven be first for a day. Kinda of like the old tv show "Queen for a Day". 

        Steven is husband to Shauna and father to Hunter, Hayden, Carter, Caliber and Saydee. He shares ownership of an insurance agency with his brother-in-law. He is never idle and keeps everyone else in motion. He and his family live in Mesa, Arizona.
        David is husband to Cinda and father to Austin, Cordon, Cameron and Katelynne. David has his own law practice. We call him the itinerant lawyer as he spends a great deal of time on the road working with clients in San Jose or San Francisco and points in between from their home in Granite Bay, California, near Sacramento. David shares much of Steven's perpetual motion. They both have boats and have passed their water skiing skills on down to the next generation. They are great examples to their kids.

  Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day
Love, Mom and Dad

Steven at Hunter's Graduation May 2014
Steven, Shauna, Hayden, Caliber, Carter, Hunter and Saydee before we came on our mission

Katelynne, Cordon, Cinda, David and Cameron, missing Austin in Sedona.
David and I at Lake Tahoe Sept 2014

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