Saturday, April 4, 2015


Ho, in the Volta Region Means Spring

        We find that here in Ghana some of the basic things that we learn in kindergarten are never taught or certainly never internalized. To name just a few; the concept of "what did you learn in school today?" No matter how old the child, they look at you with blank stares. Another one is the concept of north, south, east, and west. Totally foreign. It is really pretty simple; the ocean is to the south, the hills to the north and where does the sun come up and go down. The people have no visualization for any of that. Maps are totally incomprehensible and it is so difficult for anyone to be able to tell you their location. Elder Cannon used to say the answer was 2 farsees. Go as far as you can see, ask, then again, and then ask again.

        Because the weather changes so little most people don't know anything about seasons. They only know that there is a rainy season. They are, however, cold during the winds that come from the Sahara in January and February but don't relate that to winter.

        I talked to a group about Spring but they couldn't relate to it. I thought that that was odd as the rest of the world celebrates either Easter or the Spring Solstice. They have Easter holidays here and believe in Christ and His resurrection but don't relate any of that to Spring.

        Well, I found Spring. It does exist in Ghana. We traveled to Ho for two days this week and there it was in all of her glory. The trees and bushes all showed new growth in pale greens and yellows. There was an abundance of flowering trees and plants and the hills were a vibrant green. I say abundance but it is not California or even Arizona like but you get the flavor. 


  1. So glad you found a little spring. I've thought of you often as all the plants have bloomed in your yard. Yes, they are still alive. :)

  2. So pretty, love the flowering trees! Happy Spring to you both!