Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

Get Me to the Church on Time

The Guests arrived on time and the groom. What? You think he's not really ready?
        With lights out the evening before no one could get the church ready until in the morning. This is how it looked for the planned 9:00 A.M. wedding.

        By 10:30 we were getting closer.
Balloons always are a good entertainment while waiting. 

The ceremony began at 11:15 with most of the courtyard finished. They simply put the finishing touches on during the service. I had been asked to play the keyboard but because of lights out that didn't happen. Probably my first and last chance to ever play at a wedding. It's the thought that counts. Barry and I were asked to say a few remarks so that was really nice.

Spray snow. Didn't quite understand this one.

Joseph and Victoria

Lovely, Sister Grace

It was a fun day.

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  1. A wedding, how exciting! I love reading your blog and your adventures in serving the Lord. Tausha's parents leave in July to serve as Mission Presidents of the Sophia, Bulgaria/Turkey mission. They started with language lessons in January. I wonder how your language skills and understanding are coming along? Love you, Sue Bentz